Jane Pierce

Artist and upcycler using every morsel of t-shirt materials to create handmade useful products.

Once Upon a Time, it was a T-Shirt!

I am a Mom of four grown adults, living and loving in the Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio areas. Years ago, a bit behind in my holiday shopping, I decided to make up t-shirt bags relevant to favorite things my four adult children enjoyed – rock bands, penguins, sports, you get the idea… then I went shopping and filled them with groceries.

As an artist and environmental enthusiast, I found that the leftover parts from thousands of t-shirt bags became the paint for new designs – the perfect material with a low carbon footprint in SO many colors!

I’ve found that buying handmade speaks volumes to quality, care, originality and shows that you took the time to find just the right item! I create practical products that help us all make a difference by kicking our disposable habit.

I sincerely hope you enjoy experiencing the benefits of my recycled ZJayne products!

I stand behind all my Etsy listings and only sell what I would buy, wear, or carry myself. If there is a question or concern, please contact me!

Jane Pierce • ZJayne